With the numerous projects, both small and big scale, out there, waste can be produced. You may be constructing and/or renovating your home, garden or office space, and that entails materials and garbage that are needed to be thrown away.
This then arises the need to hire a skip. 

There are many sizes available in Easy skip hire and the one you choose will depend on your needs. If you only have a small amount of garbage to dispose, of course, a mini skip is for you. This is ideal for waste of the household and/or the garden. Else, for other bigger waste from home, garden, commercial and construction, there are mid to large skips that you can avail.

Nevertheless, it would be better and strategic for you to hire a skip larger than your actual load. Because if you do so, you get to save both time and money. For instance, you may underestimate the rubbish you have, then in actuality, it is not as you thought. The skip you hired then will have been too small, so you have to call for another one, adding to your expenses. This will be rather distressful, especially if you are on a budget.

First, there are numerous materials you cannot put in a skip. Electrical appliances and equipment such as fridges, freezers, television sets and the like should be taken to a registered Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment or WEEE facility. 
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They should not be mixed with other waste. Same applies for asbestos. It is a hazardous chemical that is even illegal to reuse, recycle or to improperly dispose of. Inhaling this, even accidentally, can cause you asbestosis or lung cancer. Tyres, gas cylinders and batteries are not safe as well. They contain metals and chemicals that are dangerous and only the licensed are allowed to work with and remove them. Substances like paints, fuel and other liquids are a no-no in skips too.

Permitted materials include most general house waste such as boxes, toys, carpets, furniture pieces, paper, cardboards and many more. Garden matter like weeds, grass and branches are allowed as well. In addition, bricks, concrete, soil, sand and dirt are all right.

Of course, safety is a requirement, so it is advisable to keep everything inside the skip. You should not overfill it for it can endanger people on the road when the garbage truck passes by them. On top of that, overfilling a skip is illegal. This is because you are, again, causing harm to others. Do not obstruct anyone’s entryway or driveway too. On where you should put and keep your skip, it will depend on your skip’s size and also your location.


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Need A Permit?

How do I know if I need a permit for a skip?

When you call our operators you will be asked if the skip will be going on the road or on your driveway. This is to ascertain if you will need a permit.

Council state that a permit will be needed to place a skip on a road, pavement or on a verge.

As we are already registered with the Council we can save you time and trouble of applying for a permit, and apply for the permit on your behalf.

There is no additional cost from us in applying for a permit. We just pass on to you the cost of the permit set by the council.
The permit will last for a maximum of 14 days.

If you require the skip to be collected before the 14 days, please give us a call and we will arrange a collection as soon as we can.
You will not need a permit if the skip is to be placed on your driveway, on private land or in your garden.

For Your Information:
Council Regulations says that if you have a skip that is placed on the road, you must not cause any obstruction or danger to road users or pedestrians. The skip will have warning lights on it from sunset, through to sunrise.

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Size Guide
When you need to dispose waste from home, office or construction, a skip is definitely your best bet. With it, your garbage can be taken and transported to a proper location such as a landfill or another appropriate facility.

But as you identify your necessity for skips, it is also essential for you to recognise the load you are to clean up as well. You have to check and see if the stuff you are to get rid of are of a small or large amount. 
skip sizes
There are many different sizes Easy skip hire offers, and so you have to be able to make out which size is appropriate for you. For those who plan to clear small gardens, house or apartments, a 4 yard skip is ideal for you. This can be particularly for students who are renting and are about to leave since the school year has ended or other similar reasons. With this, it means you only have minimal trash that you need to take care of. Its width is more than 4 feet, length is 5 feet plus and height is 3 feet.
A 6 yard skip, on the other hand, is a slightly larger version of the 4 yard skip. It is more than 5 feet wide and it is 7 feet long. This just implies more things can be placed in it, so for those with larger home and apartment properties, this can work for you.

A standard builder’s size skip is that of a 8Yrd one. It is 10×6 feet and is 3.7 feet in depth. Bigger counterparts include the 10Yrd, the 12Yrd, the 16Yrd, 20 Yrd,and lastly, the 40Yrd. Pick any of these if you have heavy loads ranging from furniture pieces and appliances. The broad ones are absolutely best for bulky items such as tall cabinets, sofas, beds, fridges and many more.

The largest skip, the 40 yard, is fit for you if a major construction and/or renovation is ongoing in your home or office. It will no doubt accommodate the earlier mentioned elements plus concrete, soil, sand and dirt that are needed to be exported elsewhere.
8 yard skip
Deciding on which size to get is critical. You cannot underestimate the magnitude of your rubbish. If you do so and you already hired a small skip, it can certainly cost you your time and money. Imagine, as the skip fills up and you still have materials left, you will then have to call for another skip and that just equates you to pay for that too. And if you have specified a time from your day to do this, then with this lapse, you will absolutely be behind schedule. 

It would do you good to spend some money on a larger (even for a bit) skip because you are basically just giving you and your waste some space allowance. This will naturally avoid overfilling, which is illegal and harmful. Of course, safety is an important aspect, not only for yourself but for others as well. Be wise and opt for the size that will save you money and time in the long run.


"Every time I use them I get a great service. The drivers are always good and they can turn a skip on a six pence! There was a slight delay in picking the full skip up but to be fair, I did ask them at their busiest time of day."
Andrew Murphy

Hiring a skip, especially for the first time, is a scary and wearisome venture, more so if not done properly. There are many hesitations and indecisions you will feel and those are definitely normal. And so here are the compiled questions commonly asked by people and the answers to them.

  • Why is a skip needed?
First, this needs to be addressed. Skips are for disposal of your waste. This can be in the home, garden, commercial building and/or from a construction or renovation. Your rubbish is collected and then transported and dumped to appropriate facilities.
  • What size do I choose?
This is a worry for many but really, you just have to identify the size of your waste before you can decide on which skip size to hire. Look into size guides and see what is suitable for your needs. It is a recommendation to get even a slightly bigger one for space allowance. Estimates have room for lapses, so opting for that will be beneficial for you in terms of both time and money. You get to avoid overfilling, which is dangerous and not to mention, illegal.
  • What are allowed in a skip? 
Materials that are non-hazardous can be put inside. Examples of these are home and office furniture such as sofas, cabinets, chairs, tables and the like. Wood, cement, concrete, bricks, sand, soil and dirt are good to go too. Moreover, grass, weeds, branches and other garden waste do not pose any problem and can be thrown in.
  • What are not allowed in a skip?
Oppositely, materials with hazardous substances and chemicals are definitely not permitted to be inside one. This includes appliances like fridges, freezers, washing machines, and television sets. Tyres, batteries and gas cylinders are disallowed as well. On top of that, substances and chemicals such as asbestos, paints and fuel are not to be accepted. This is not because of limited services; it is because these are special cases where the authorized and expert people from particular facilities are the only ones that can work and dispose them. In addition, mixing them with the other waste types is basically not safe. For one, when these are transported and if they will leak, anyone who inhales them or, say, touches them can be caused a great risk in their health and well-being.
  • Do I need a permit and why do I have to avail one?
A skip and a truck can take much space, especially if it is a big one. If the place where trash will be collected, say, your home or your office, is by a road that is public and common, it will be a necessity for you to contact the local authority. This is also true for private lands and lots. You have to ask permission for your hired skip to stay there. When none of these options work for you, wait and load stations are made available for you to make use and take advantage of.
Remember that in hiring a skip, you have to be wise so you will not expend more in time, money and space.
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